Rush Limbaugh the Tyrant

I’ve had another unfortunate experience, listening to the radio. Rush Limbaugh is an animal, it’s mind boggling how anyone finds his rantings appealing. Even for a conservative, the man is a complete idiot. He can’t make up his mind, he is a terrible speaker. I can’t believe I even feel this way, but worse than President Bush. I really didn’t think that was possible. How can someone that studders as much as Rush have a radio show? The worst part is he laughs at his own comments. The man isn’t even funny, more of a sad little man than anything. This guy is going off about the wiki leaks and he has no clue what he’s even talking about.

The funniest thing I heard on his show is when he was up talking President Reagan. Maybe not the funniest, the scariest. Seriously? Reagan? All of the Republican presidents this country has had and Reagan is the best one you could come up with? My god, the man should be shoved in a loony bin. I couldn’t believe my ears. I’m lucky I didn’t get in a car accident after hearing that BS.

Let’s look at President Reagan realistically, he was dyslexic, graduated from community college, a crappy actor, and loved by every moron in the country. Unemployment was at an all-time high, he could have been impeached for the Iran-contra affair. Unfortunately, he was too powerful to be impeached, sort of like President George W.

So, to make this a short story, if you love this dolt Limbaugh you have a scary addiction. Listening to people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, is just bad for your brain. Take it from me, you are losing the few brain cells you have left. You would be better smoking a joint or blowing a 8 ball of coke up your nose. At least, that way you will feel a high instead of a low. I listen to things like this to get a better perspective of why the Republicans and Tea Baggers love these morons. Guess what, I still haven’t figured it out. It’s really quite scary, if you do anything these morons ask you to do, you’re just asking to be shunned by society.

If you don’t agree, listen to these rantings yourself, the call of a lunatic? I guarantee it!


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