12 ways to avoid being a douche on social media.


If you already know you’re douche this is the post for you! If you don’t know you very well could be. Here are some ways to avoid being a douche.

  1. Posting selfies over the toilet! In fact posting in your dirty ass bathroom is disgusting enough. No one wants to look at a fucking toilet!

This Douche...   2.  Uploading naked/half naked pictures of yourself with your kids in the background, you dirty hookers!


3. Advertising your half eaten food, no one wants to see that shit. Nor do we give a flying fuck what you had for dinner.

half food  4.  For the love of God (yes, went there) do not post your religious crap! Everyone has their own beliefs don’t try to ram it down everyone’s throat! Trust me that wont get you closer to Jesus. Goes for you too atheists no one wants to see that shit either!

like religion

5.  You’re a special kind of douche if you post pictures of yourself doing drugs. Do drugs quietly like the rest of the world.


6. This is a two for one special. Do not get drunk and post stupid shit on the internet! Especially if it’s an illegal act.


7. Posting a picture of yourself while flexing makes you one of your bigger douches.

flex douche

8.  You’re a classless douche if your teaching your daughter to be a whore.

Epic Facebook FAILS

9. If you’re going to photo shop yourself, at least do it right.


10. Don’t post your money, guns, or drugs. You are my favorite type of douche, an incriminating one.

idiot thug

11.  Commenting on an article when you only read the headline.

read article (3)

12. Under no circumstance should you post pictures of you holding a weapon to your child.

stupid bitch

Well there you have it. There are many more ways to be identified as a douche on social networking. You can start with these and work your way up.

asshole 2

Asshole of the day was a close call. It was won by Chris a racist hillbilly. He decided to post something ignorant. I’ll let you see for yourself.





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