4 Reasons to legalize.


The US has had a “war on drugs” since the Regan administration. Did it cut down on crime? Absolutely not, in fact drug related crime rose and caused many deaths. The murder rate went down 50 % in Colorado since it was legalized.  I’m usually not a conspiracy theorist, in this case however I am. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) is paid off, they decide what goes into our bodies. On average 87 people die per day using prescription pills, tell me that isn’t scary! These prescription drug companies are all approved by the FDA. Politicians always have their greedy hands out and sell their souls to get rich. Pharmaceutical companies have invested nearly $2 billion in campaign contributions. In 2008 alone each senate and house member received either $25,000 or $81.000. The fact that this is even legal is mind boggling, but Political Action Contributions (PACs) are not the focus of this. Marijuana has never killed anyone, people that use pot are not violent criminals, and it has actually been scientifically proven to ward off cancer cells especially in lung cancer. Bottom line is there are far worse things that are legal, the example of the prescription drug industry is just one of many.

SAVE MONEY AND GAIN – Added funds for state and federal revenue. The state of Colorado they racked up $53 million in 2014! Did you know that the “war on drugs” has cost this country 51 billion dollars? (source CNN)The US needs the funds.2.  LESS PRISONERS – Solve the overcrowding situation in prisons, we have corporate prisons now, because states can not all of the inmates. In 2013 statistics show that  2,220,300  are in prison around the country for marijuana charges. That is 1 in 110 of every adult in the country, costing tax payers $20,000 – $40,000 per inmate!! (source. Drug War Statistics)la-ed-prisons-california-brown-20130416-001

3.  CUT DOWN ON CRIME – Legalizing would cut back on a lot of police work, the officers will be able to handle violent crimes as they are trained to do. In 2013 there were 609,423 people were arrested in the United States for marijuana possession. (source. Drug War Statistics)


HEAL AND COMFORT THE SICK – Currently there are only 23 states that have medical marijuana legal. This helps Cancer patients with nausea and vomiting (during chemo and radiation), causes death to certain types of cancer cells, and causes cancer patients to have less pain leading to use of less pain medications. (source. American Cancer Society)


This is not rocket science, these are the facts. There are many uneducated people that oppose marijuana legalization. I have heard outlandish things on the web, do your part in educating these people. It’s not hard to look up simple information, people seem to be brainwashed. Idiocracy does not seem too far off.



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