Do Trolls Lives Matter?

Do #TrollsLivesMatter?

NerdGuyI decided to conduct an in-depth investigation regarding internet trolls, if you don’t know what this is you probably have not commented on many posts. Let me educate you.

                                                                                                      internet_trollTroll– One who posts deliberately provocative messages on a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. (Source. Urban Dictionary)

There are strong beliefs regarding this topic no doubt. Some would say that these trolls need to get a life. Others would say that manipulating weak-minded individuals is humorous. The outcome of my results will indeed shock you.


I sat down with one area man named Josh, and co-founder of #trollsmustdie. Josh frequents many religious Christian sites. He feels very strongly about this topic and is on a crusade to stop the trollers. “Trolls disrupt meaningful conversations on Christian Mingle!” Josh states with passion. “I don’t understand how you can sit there in sin and degrade me.” He went on a little rant for about oh I’d say, twenty minutes about abstinence. Josh then described how disturbing it really is to have a troll within an important discussion on the internet. Josh was glad to talk about these issues and bring awareness to everyone.


I spoke with an area man pretending to be a woman named “Jessica”, he told me that not only does he troll, but pastes this in every news feed he sees. “Hi, I’m Jessica, I’m 22. I’m from the USA! I am looking to make new friends! add me!” The troll proceeded to describe his phishing scam, but that’s not important in this debate. When asked about his feelings regarding trolling, he said. “People are easy to fuck with, they literally walk right into it. It’s really quite pathetic.”  Our troller admitted that it’s a great way to pass the time. He believes that, “People need to really lighten up and not get butt hurt over stupid shit.” That pretty much ended our conversation.


What do you think?

Do Trolls Lives Matter?

Well on the one hand Josh creeped me out, but he did have a point, why disrupt meaningful conversation? The troll pretended to be a girl and smelled like a dirty sock, but didn’t creep me out at least. His point was a good one in that people need to lighten up. In my expert conclusion they are both right, people need to lighten the fuck up. People also need to have some boundaries. That being said, my opinion is irrelevant. I don’t fucking care what you do, do what you want. Craziness is all over the world right now, sometimes you just need to laugh.PicsArt_1440967199386

This one’s a troll named Daniel how fitting. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and he’s trying to hype up race wars. This guy posted these three things on the same post, on different updates. This makes him my Asshole of the day!






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