The Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit!

Honey Badger Doesn’t Give A Shit!

The honey badger doesn’t give a shit and neither do I. Of course I care about things, but not your feelings. If you get butt hurt easily you may want to hit the back button. I am brutally honest and that doesn’t always go well, as you can imagine. Like the honey badger I’m not scared of much. However, stupid people can be frightening.


The stupidity of people is the whole reason I decided to do this. There’s only so much you can take on social media. The sheep will believe anything they read on the internet. This will be a an amusing social experiment.

Below is a video that made me fall in love with this animal. As of today it has near 75 million YouTube hits. The voice is a man named Randall.


There will be an asshole of the day. It will feature anyone construed as an asshole. Please send in your nomination’s for asshole of the day. You can email or send me a message on Facebook. Your entry must include a reason or story of why the person in question is an asshole. Along with a picture of their face.

Today’s asshole is brought to you by a news post on Facebook.


The news story is about a 70 year old woman who was knocked unconscious by a man on a bicycle. Naturally most people are posting things like “how horrible” (liberals) and “he should be shot”(conservatives). Hey, they’re easy to pick out. Then our asshole Ian comes around and well just check it out. So he wins the award for today.

Asshole 1


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