Murder by Pain Killer.


Doctors are quick to write you a prescription for pain killers, but not so quick to help with the underlying problem. Are the days of quality medical care over? Going to the doctor is a chore to begin with, you fill out a stack of paperwork, sit and wait for more than an hour, and for what? To get a drug that has horrid side effects and does nothing to improve your problem. Many will argue that they need pain medication or they are in agony without them. Some may need these pain medications, but they should not be needed for 20 years. There is a problem when multiple doctors can not control your pain without meds for that period of time. There are also alternative natural ways to treat pain.
In 2011 nearly 17,000 people died of pain medication related deaths. It jumped to almost 25,000 in 2014. The Center for Disease Control has called it an epidemic. The main culprit of this is doctors. You can not get these medications without a doctors signature. Be aware there are street drug dealers that also sell these particular medications, but again the script came from a doctor somewhere.
The 2016 Presidential election is in full swing unfortunately not one candidate on either side has even mentioned this nationwide epidemic. Granted the United States has more than one problem at this time but, his is a major problem that needs to be addressed with people being held accountable for their actions. It starts with the drug companies, politicians, doctors, and even patients. The drug companies push their products on the doctors, the politicians have stock in drug companies and pass over legislation that could help the problem. Moving on to the doctors that push the pills like a drug dealer, to the patient that begs for their “fix”. The cycle goes on and there are ways to stop it.
Drugs like vicodin, codine, morphine, as well as several others have extreme side effects, some may not be aware of. The list of common side effects is extremely long for the majority of pain medication on the market. The common side effects are very serious. Taking with alcohol, prolong use, or taking one too many can and will be deadly. You’re probably wondering why a doctor knowing this would prescribe something like this to his patients.

With any profession there are good and there are bad, three types of doctors are causing this epidemic.

The Cash Doctor.

Doctors in all parts of the country will give you any script you would like for a price. Doctors such as these usually do not accept insurance and want cash for your visit. These doctors are no better than a street drug dealer. They will ask you what you want and tell you to pay before you leave. These doctors will not bother to examine you they just write the script and send you on your way. Some of these doctors are being investigated or have been and some are not.
The Money Doctor.

This healthcare professional went to medical school, because of the pay check not because they care. Not only do they not care about you but they do not care about quality of healthcare they’re providing. Typically this physician makes you feel like cattle. Their philosophy is to be quick and get them in and out as fast as possible, after-all the more patients you see the more money you’re making. You will know if you are seeing one of these doctors by their mannerism. If the doctor is not listening to you, paying attention, or looks like he/she would rather be somewhere else, chances are you are at the Money Doctors office.
The Uncaring Doctor

Technically everyone of these doctors obviously does not care about you. This doctor in particular is usually close to the retirement age. They may have once cared, but it is clear they no longer do. They typically will give you a band-aid for any problem you are having just to hurry you out the door. Very similar to the money doctor, but this doctor will also be rude as well. Generally the uncaring doctor will push pills down your throat to shut you up. If you’ve been seeing this doctor for months and he/she doesn’t remember you chances are you’re at the uncaring doctor. These doctors sound harmless, but in actuality can be the most detrimental. They may give you something that counter reacts to your current medications which could end up severely injuring you. This doctor can also be oblivious to very apparent symptoms you may be having. When in doubt always get a second opinion.
The doctors are not the only ones at fault for this epidemic, drug companies are a main contributor. Pharmaceutical lobbying is the highest funding in Washington. They pay big bucks to be heard by our US Senators and Representatives. A Lobbyist will stop at nothing to get what he wants. In general if the Pharmaceutical company is having an issue with getting approved by the FDA, it’s nothing a little money wont cure.

Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America    $18,445,000

Amgen Inc    $10,525,000

Pfizer Inc    $9,400,000

Biotechnology Industry Organization    $8,350,000

Bayer AG    $7,650,000

Eli Lilly & Co    $7,165,000

Novartis AG    $6,717,500

Johnson & Johnson    $6,350,000

Sanofi    $5,899,000

Roche Holdings    $5,677,320

Merck & Co    $5,650,000

AbbVie Inc    $5,220,000

These are the top companies in 2015 that lobbied in Washington, essentially spending this money to bribe a politician to vote a certain way to benefit their profit margin.


Sure, doctors prescribe these pharmaceuticals but Washington feeds into it. Some pain killers would not be on the market if it wasn’t for the politicians allowing it to happen. It all stems down to our government.
If this continues, we will continue to get poor healthcare. If my arm is broken in 8 places and I undergo surgery, and continue to feel pain. The hope is the doctor finds the problem and fixes it. I would rather have 5 surgeries than take pain medication as a temporary solution rather than a permanent one. The choice is yours, if you value healthcare, if you value your life and others around you. Call your local representative, shoot him/her an e-mail. Let your voice be heard. This is our country, they claim we’re free. Even if you feel strongly about something not pertaining to this at all. This is what your representative is there for, he/she is there to act as your voice.

If you want quality healthcare I recommend you shop around. Some doctors do care and are willing to try whatever is best for you and your health. Below are a few natural pain killing remedies, there are many more you can find online.



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