Let’s Not Be Friends.

I don’t want friends like these.  Most people are dickheads in some form of another. Some assholes I like and get along with, others not so much.

Here are 10 types of assholes I steer clear from.

  1. Bad Drivers – These people are everywhere while they could possibly be alright to talk with and deal with periodically, the reality is they’ll kill you or someone one day. I try not to associate with a bad driver. Who want’s to go visit someone in prison? I certainly don’t.baddriver
  2. Annoying People-These clowns either have an annoying voice, or their general demeanor is annoying as shit. Someone who irritates you without trying. This person sucks, I avoid these assholes.                                      Annoying-voices
  3. Stupid People-The people that talk to you but have no idea what they’re talking about. They are usually very uneducated and frequently misspell. Not that spelling is everything but overall they look stupid in general and I can’t be bothered with them.idiot
  4. Arrogant People-These jackasses are extremely conceited. They think they’re more important than anyone else. Donald Trump comes to mind, but you get the point. I can’t handle these people, they can just go to hell. arrogance
  5. Overly Religious People-These people fall partly in the category, annoying people. These sinners are usually knocking on doors or telling someone else how to live their life. If you have to pimp your religion to me, it can’t be that great. I’m not looking to hear a sales pitch. anti-gay-bible-thumper
  6. The Anti-People- These people are anti, this and anti that. It’s exhausting, just shut the fuck up already we don’t want to hear it. They’re against things just to be against something. I won’t put up with a person like this. WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH
  7. The Bossy Person– Those people that think they can tell you what to do when they’re not your boss. Not even your family, sometimes these people are family, but for the most part not. These people can get fucked, no random asshole is going to tell me what to do. Prison would really suck. bossy
  8. Judgemental People– These asshats are shit talkers and pass judgement on everyone. A lot of the time these people  will judge before knowing someone or judge when they’re no one to judge. They are the type of people that should always look at themselves because they’re usually the worse of their prey.Upset Teenage Girl With Friends Gossiping In Background
  9. Rude People- I can’t stand rude people, these are the jackasses you hold a door open for and they walk through without even a thank you. These bastards are the ones that treat a server like shit and don’t tip. These are the ones who have no manners and may have been raised by animals. how rude
  10. Bigots– These people hate for no reason and they piss me off. There are bigots of all races and cultures. From racists, that hate because of someone’s skin color, to religious psychos that are against gay marriage, to the cavemen that are against women. They’re all pieces of shit, in my opinion, can’t be near these fuckers.jnstmadit47xd2gymfuu

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